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For your convenience, below are the links for the most commonly used client logins: for financial planning, investments, insurance and annuities. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need help getting your email up-to-date, so you receive timely communications from your various service providers.

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Personal Financial View / eMoney

Personal Financial View is your individual client website for a single point of access to:

  • Financial and Investment Account Aggregation
  • Savings and Budget Tracking
  • Asset and Real Estate Holdings
  • Document Vault
  • Financial Analysis and Reports
Access Here


Client access to MMLIS brokerage and advisory accounts held in custody at NFS.

Access Here


Client access to advisory accounts provided by Baystate Wealth Management, and held in custody at Fidelity. You may also log into accounts directly held at Fidelity, like your 401(k).

Fidelity's site is also called Wealthscape, but has a different login then accounts held at NFS with MMLIS.

Access Here


Access you Fortuna investment advisory account here.

Access Here

Jackson National

View and download documents for your Jackson National variable annuities.

Access Here


View and download documents held at AssetMark.

Access Here

MetLife and Brighthouse Financial

Here you will find access to MetLife legacy life insurance products and annuities, as well as Brighthouse annuity contracts.

Access Here