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Collaboration / Tech Tools

Part of our commitment to our clients and our professional network:

  • help with communication of financial information 
  • provide tools to share documents securely and efficiently
  • be a partner in learning and staying current with modern tools

Below you'll find some training modules on technology and best practices to help us collaborate effectively. 

Digital Document Sharing

Digital Document Sharing

Instructions on how to scan a document to a PDF using your phone and/or how to upload that document from your device.

View the guide in PDF form here: Sharing Digital Documents Securely

Technological Tools of The Trade

Technological Tools of The Trade

Training on Zoom, Calendly and Google Drive; tools to help you work remotely. This is an active learning session I hosted for the Bristol County Estate Planning Council, that I recorded to share. 

View to Zoom video here on YouTube.

View the slides in PDF here.